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Jeremiah Kauffman




“My goal as an artist is some sort of interaction and hopefully at least a minor legacy. Each piece I create to me is like a precious jewel. It is my wish that I will someday be able to profess the true measure of respect I feel for art in a position of proof through action rather than words.”

Jeremiah Kauffman was an Atlanta based illustrator, fine artist and writer. Born in 1979, he produced the majority of his work from 2000 to 2008. Specializing in ink illustration, he created hundreds of drawings, digital designs,pencil sketches and acrylic paintings, as well as poetry, prose and published articles. His work ranges from the surreal to expressionism which has a very unique perspective with many wonderful inventions done with great skill. He passed away in April,2008

IN HIS OWN WORDS: I’m very silly and I have an absurd sense of humor.On the other hand, I can be very serious and rigid. These two sides which don’t get along are governed by a very indecisive personality which rarely knows what it wants. In the end you get lots of randomness and a turbulent struggle to find a sense of identity.Through design I’m able to recouncil my inner- conflict. As I experiment with different ideas, I learn to let go and figure out what I need rather than what I want. I have a very greedy soul that wants to fit everything I come up with into each design, but in the end , I learn what it means to get to the point.

VOICE: I want to be a designer whose strongest feature is wit. The designers who most inspire me are those who I consider witty and clever. Who knock you over with a bold message executed with distinct originality. I want to be someone who people count on to have a special way of approaching problems. In addition, I also like to make art for art’s sake. —– DISTINCTIVE MARKINGS: I’m attracted to lines. Different widths and thicknesses. Lines built up to create textures. I’m happy with just black and white.