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Rose Feller Biography

About Rose Feller – Artist.


The Hungarian born artist Rose Feller (also known as Rózsa Szűcs), is a maximalist artist, who works with multimedia and recycled material.

Feller came to the UK in 2008 to escape an abusive relationship where she was stifled in her artistic expression.

She initially moved to London and is now living in Gloucester. 

Whilst living in Hungary, she painted traditional works in an eighteenth century style using oil paints. Since coming to the UK she has found artistic freedom, initially experimenting with surrealistic and abstract art, and now concentrating on abstract and AI art.

Feller is a self-taught artist and it is only since travelling to the UK she started to study formally. 

In 2017, she completed an Art and Design Foundation Diploma, and in 2018 commenced a Fine Art Degree at the University of Gloucester. 



2018 – Gloucester City Museum – solo exhibition

2018 – Debenhams, Gloucester – Contributing artist

2019 – Saatchi Art Gallery –



Feller is heavily influenced in her work by Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso and Damien Hirst. She greatly admires American abstract artists Jackson Pollock, Barnet Newman and Mark Rothko. 

She is aware that she is influenced only by male artists, and feels this may be down to her masculine soul. 

However, her main influence is her own imagination and Feller expresses her dreams in her artwork. As a child she was able to see angels, imaginary creatures and ghosts which are all incorporated into her art work; both two and three dimensional.

Healing Art

Quite by accident Feller realised that her artwork has healing qualities when she gifted one to a friend, who told her that when she was near the painting she felt energised. 

Feller has always been spiritual with a gift for healing, and as a child she would heal her family. In recent years she has explored this skill and has studied reiki, but still falls back on her natural talents. 

The more colourful pieces of her work are created whilst bathed in a positive energy providing them with healing properties. This healing energy is then passed on to her customers. 


Feller uses as much as 80 per cent recycled material in her multi-media projects. These include found objects, food waste (such as egg shell), rubbish, glass from car accidents and dead animals. 

She aspires to create in a way which pushes the boundaries, create work which no one else can with material that others don’t use. 

Her work has an unconscious element to it, with no real objective other than to express herself as she is at one particular moment. 

The use of dead animals including mice and fish is presented as a memorial to them – they are part of the natural world and should be honoured and respected. 


AI Art

In 2019 Feller started exploring AI Art where she is creating through the technology of artificial intelligence and computer learning to produce work which represents her dreams. 

This is something she is passionate about and wants to explore this field further until she is eventually able to teach the computer to produce art organically. 

One project she is working on through AI art is one about changing perceptions of beauty. She hopes to encourage people to look at inner beauty rather than the outer shell. 

She doesn’t believe that everything positive needs to be beautiful and therefore creates diverse images to demonstrate this. 

Although it is possible to apply her healing abilities with AI art she feels the project does this organically anyway by healing the mind, connecting everyone’s hearts and seeing the true beauty within. 




2006-2007: Kecskemet Muveszeti Szabadiskola
2017,2018: Art and Design Foundation Diploma
2018 University of Gloucestershire, Fine Art Degree

 Rose Feller Museum Exhibition 2019
Rose Feller Museum Exhibition 2019