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This project is to support artist Rose Feller who is providing this special promotion. Take advantage of this great offer and get 4 exclusive and original artworks for just £5000 in 1 year. Artworks will be between 25cm to 50cm in size.

You’ll receive four authentic and original pieces of art over a 12 month period (1 every 3 months) for an investment of just £5000.


The finest art for luxury homes and stylish business

Buying contemporary abstract fine art of quality can be difficult, but at Agartha Gallery we pride ourselves on selected the best fine art available that will compliment the finest homes and businesses to act as WOW factors or as tax free financial investments.

Professional Artist Rozsa Szucs uses recycled and found organic materials in her work, included food waste, plants and flowers and other organic life that has died. She repurposed these materials to give them a new lease of life and inspirational art.