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The Agatha Art Gallery must receive entry forms and entry fees for the Agatha Art Gallery Competition 2020 before December 01th 2020 (23.59 pm BST).

We will review submissions in order, and we will be using the date of the payment of your entry fee to place you in the queue. You can submit the payment at any time to unlock the submission portal, and complete the application online at a later stage (this will not affect your position in the queue).

As soon as your payment is received, and your submission portal unlocked, we will automatically place your account in the queue (please note that you will have to fully submit your application before the deadline stated above for our team to consider it for the Prize).

The entry fee for this competition is £40. 

Who can apply?
Submissions are accepted from every country in the world and are all equally judged. Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to enter the competition.

What can I submit?
You can submit artworks that belong to one of these categories (if your piece is made with different materials and media, please submit it as a mixed media piece).

What do you need to complete the application?
In order to complete the application with all the necessary information, please have these details ready:

  • Personal Details
  • Your Artwork Details
  • Artwork